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Holistic Approach to Cancer Treatment
Holistic approach involves comprehensive management of patient, taking into account body and mind. Since the patient and the relatives need immense support during the prolonged therapy of cancer, such an approach is invaluable, especially in terms of quality of life.

It involves -
  • understanding the process of disease,
  • understanding the measures to prevent the disease,
  • ways of preventing the recurrence by changing the life style,
  • changing the attitude of life to improve the body immunity,
  • concentrating on quality of life first and then on improving the life span. This approach takes the pressure off the mind, which allows the immune mechanism to perform better,
  • recourse to both allopathic and alternative medicines with careful and considered decisions, since timing of therapy is important,
  • participating in proper clinical trials, to avail the opportunity of arrival of new drugs/techniques in the market.

All the above approaches are to be made primarily in the background of quality of life.
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