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Technology : Advances in Radiation Therapy (RT) - Fact Sheet
Advances in Radiation Therapy (RT) - Fact Sheet
  1. The modern day radiation oncology center in India offers 3DCRT, IMRT, IGRT, SRS, SRT, SBRT, Gated radiotherapy (BSRT), HDR brachytherapy, Image guided brachytherapy services, to a level that is available in USA or other western nations.

  2. Recent advances in treatment planning and delivery has made the radiotherapy far safer and has significantly improved the quality of life.

  3. The major impact of IGRT/IMRT of modern day radiotherapy is its ability to reduce severe complications. Ensuing improvement in quality of life and reduction in complication- management- expenditure may more than equal the higher amount spent on high tech treatment initially.

  4. Modulating the radiation dose to the irregular shape of the tumour, simultaneously reducing the dose to the normal tissues is IMRT.

  5. Checking the position of tumour & the normal organs just before or the delivery of radiation and changing the position of patient or the area of radiation, if required, online is IGRT.

  6. Introduction of IGRT was inevitable, once precision required for IMRT became a critical factor.

  7. SRT & SRS are technically similar to IMRT, but more useful for small sized brain tumours.

  8. Gated radiotherapy and SBRT are special procedures to handle the tumour movement during delivery of radiation treatment.

  9. MRI has helped in the evolution of Image guided brachytherapy.

  10. Spiral CT scan, MRI, PET scan, up coming biological imaging has taken the radiation therapy to a high precision level. The image fusion technology (fusing the images of CT scan over PET scan, MRI & molecular imaging) has made mapping of the tumour easy and exact.
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